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I was going to write a long paragraph but i genuinely dont have the energy all ill say is 28k ottomans, 14k manpower V 23 countries, 3 majors and 167k troops. Ottoman total victory 100% war score 0 mercs, 0 tech bonus. 17 Provinces taken. No coalition / ability to enter a coalition. 2 months later they attack Mamluks and take an additonal 12 provinces. #1 in Technology and economy despite it all.Europa Universalis IV Game Guide. Table of Contents. Trade control Trade EU IV Guide. 0. Post Comment. 1. 8. Next Colonization The mechanics Prev Trade Trade Nodes. A trader can amass money or send it further, in hope of making a larger profit. To control trade, you use merchants. There is a base number of two per each country.While Europa Universalis IV is a fun game once you learn to play it, it can be very. Find a guide on Steam or YouTube and read/watch it to learn most of the basics. as beginner nations include Portugal, Castile, England, and the Ottomans.Qara Qoyunlu owns one Ottoman and one Syrian core and should be taken as soon as possible best if QQ is in some exhaustive war. Bdswiss einzahlen commerzbank. First it should be noted that this is more of a general guide but if your nation has a buff to cavalry or infantry use more of what you have a buff too So QQ should use cavalry instead of infantry for instance. So here are the compositions; Tech.An unconventional approach to restoring the Byzantine empire to its former glory. This is 100% ironman capable. Other EU4 Guides How to.R/eu4 A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV by Paradox Development Studio.

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I don't understand, why you would say the Ottomans are not a good choice for world conquest.Ever since the game was released, they've been the #1 choice.While going for catholic makes it easiest an orthodox or even sunni Ottoman is still very much capable of world conquest. Waffenhandel amerika. They have three key adavantages over basically any other nation: Other relatively easy options: Ming/Qing - massive power right from the start or as soon you conquered China allows you to steamroll Castille/France - colonial dominance, but you have to take out the other one quite early England - With Personal Union over France you become a powerhouse Austria/Bohemia/Brandenburg - HRE vassal swarm from the source, harder than Ottomans because their initial power level is much lower. Catholic Ottoman should be good, Coptic Ottoman is also a good option (more CCR) if you are not opposed to a little exploit to start the game with the Westphalia peace.To convert Ottoman, you can check Florry Worry videos for more detail, but basically, you take some provinces the religion you want to convert, give them to the Dhimmi, then you piss off the Dhimmi and remove the provinces from them, generating religious rebels.Let the Rebels roam free (stopping paying for your forts), while you are at war with an opm, they will convert all your provinces for free. Being at war with an Opm prevent them to force break your country before they finished converting.

Total Beginner player's guide. Europa Universalis IV EU4 is a grand strategy game that will take you on an epic adventure through an alternate history of Earth. The most important thing to realize is that the player is an omnipresent, immortal leader of a country in which the rulers and armies within it will follow your every command.Of the "best" nations France, Castille, Portugal, Austria or Ottomans. Keep in mind that in order to build a winning strategy, you need to be familiar. /first-time-playing-eu-iv-best-tips-wanted.881038/page-2#post-19918079.Mustafa IV, Ottoman sultan from 1807 to 1808 who participated in the reactionary conservative coalition that overthrew his reforming cousin, the sultan Selim III. Forex no deposit bonus march 2013. Don't even start me about a diplomatic PU (was able to get PU over Russia and France diplomatically as Castille, without even trying).PUs are another reason why Catholics country are better for your first WC. It gets a very easy start, but it can be very difficult to manage WC with the mandate.Keep if mind that a 0% mandate means 50% weaker units.You don't really have to worry about the Colonization part. Austria starts as Emperor of the HRE with a force limits slightly above 40 and has missions and events to get PUs over Hungary and Bohemia, as well as a gold mine (in reality a silver mine, but the game only knows gold) in Tyrol.

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Let a weak Portugal or Castille manage it, then PU/Vassalize/conquer the country and get all the Colonial Nations for free. By guaranteeing every prince, as well as warning every country bordering Sundgau you can ensure peace within the HRE.So my choices : But regular Muslim-Humanist Ottomans with lots of Janissary, with lots of Dhimmi for taxation and tech cost and religious tolerance, - this is an unstoppable steamroll. This will get you massively over the limit for diplomatic relations, but diplomatic power (mana) can not fall below -999.This means for a while you will be unable to take land without claims, but can still conquer territory and add it to the HRE. Currency trading strategy pdf. Keep in mind that waging war for more then 10 month per 1 IA is not worth it, because you get 0.1 IA/month for being at peace.With boni from getting re-elected (put your king in the army and drill to kill him faster), you should be able to get the second-to-last reform by 1515-1525, which will get you the vassal swarm. you can be at constant 100% OE, but all the while also feed your vassals.Put your focus to dip points, you will have caught up in dip tech by 1550 - 1560. Once you are able to form client states, do so at the border of HRE territory and feed the whole world into vassals.

Once you have the whole world under the control of your vassals, click the last reform to become the HRE.This is the most easy, most boring, most secure and most braindead way to do a WC and is basically just a big grind without many areas of luck or skill involved.You can also use the timeline exploit to get 2 more provinces right at the start and to ensure the game starts with religious peace, disabling League Wars and reformation so you do not need to deal with that at all. Fairer diamantenhandel. [[If you own at least By 1550, you can realistically have formed Spain and hold the thrones of Naples, France, Austria & Hungary, as well have Norway (via the 1st Age ability to transfer subject for half the price) and Scotland as strong vassals - effectively meaning you can colonize uncontested and at the same time eat Europe if you so desire.Alternatively, you hold enough land to become Emperor and feed provinces into the HRE to pass reforms and quickly gain the vassal swarm as well.But at this point you are strong enough to just brute force the WC, if you do not wish to deal with the HRE.

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Having Portugal under you with Exploration & Expansion means they colonize for you.If you also colonize and collect in the English Channel, you are very well off financially and can field large Mercenary armies as well as 5 advisors, making you very well off in terms of both manpower and mana.This requires a little more skill then my #1 pick of Austria, since you need to defeat England, for which you need to be able to land troops on the English Island, and you need to defeat France twice (once to get the claim on their throne, once to establish the PU) and you need to manage AE in the HRE when PUing France. Indikator forex gratis paling akurat android. You also need to dismantle Kebab by brute force, which needs to be started quick enough if you wish to avoid truce-breaking. In the late patches, they have become extremely strong.A Timurid - Mughals run is more challenging then both above, but still a very easy WC if you know the basic mechanics of the game.Their -25% Core-Creation-Cost (CCR) paired with 5% discipline and -10% Idea Cost as well as -5% technology Cost places them in a very favorable position mana-wise.

Their mechanic to assimilate cultures of which they hold all cores plus the -1 Unrest from their Ideas make them very stable, and the boni from assimilating some cultures are also superbly strong (another -10% CCR from hindustani, 15% Institution spread from germanic, 10% morale from japanese and more, see here).The Mughal missions offer many claims to start you off as well.This requires more skill then #1 and #2, because you actually need to play the game and wage war/conquer, but with their extremely strong Ideas and other Boni, Mughals is hands-down the strongest nation in the game. Handelsregister zuständigkeit. Austria is only better because of the very broken HRE mechanics, and Castille is only better because of their insane missions if combined with english missions - they aren't stronger on their own.The most challenging part of playing Mughal forming them when starting out as Timurids, as they start in a quite unstable position, as well as planning and executing the move of the capital to Europe to enable trading companies in Asia and to reduce stress through corruption by having too many territories.Although this can also be dealt with simply by rooting out corruption.

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Especially the start is why I didn't put Mughals at #1.Mongol Empire WC as also a good contender, but I am not certain how the lastest changes to Manchu (especially to banners) might have changed this.Ottoman starts in a very strong position as well, and doing a WC with Kebab is certainly on the easier side of the scale. By ensuring a draw in the Religious Wars, you can become Emperor as Orthodox nation or Coptic nation (Orthoman or Coptoman), or you can use the Sunni mechanic of spreading the religion through trade nodes if you stay Sunni. All are good choices with different strengths and weaknesses.England is also a strong nation, although not as strong as the others.By PUing France you start off quite strong, and you can keep the HRE catholic by crushing the reformation centers afterwards.

Europa universalis 4 ottomans guide

But honestly, starting as Castille, forming England and then forming Spain is just plain better.A note on Poland: As Christian nation (Austria or Castille), make sure to have your dynasty on the throne of Poland via the Elective Monarchy when they abolish it and and form the Commonwealth.They'll be a monarchy, have your dynasty and no heir when they do so, offering the opportunity to quickly claim their throne and wage war against them. Indikator forex berbayar gratis. For both the Austria and Castille run, this is a nice bonus making a WC even easier.Impaling the Ottoman Sultan was not part of the plan.When the Ottoman Empire declared war on tiny Moldavia, my objective was to survive, not to murder the most powerful king in the region.